eCommercePlayer Features


Sure, there are other services out there that provide online audio and video hosting. Check out these features, and we're sure you will find that there aren't *any* other offerings out there that even come close to eCommercePlayer.

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  • We can handle almost any form of audio and video format out there, and convert into Flash for you as part of our publishing process.
  • Direct insertion of your audio and video into your eBay listing, without ever leaving our site.
  • If you prefer, you can first upload your media to eCommercePlayer and then insert the HTML into your listing when you create it on eBay.
  • Build your own players with customizable playlist consisting of both audio and video clips.
  • A very professional Flash player, complete with youtube-like links to your other listings after your playlist has ended.
  • Ability to choose whether or not the player will start automatically when a buyer views your listing.
  • Player statistics on player, so you can tell if your audio or video is helpnig sell your product.
  • Ability to display your player anywhere on the internet, not just on eBay! This means you can put out players on your own eCommerce Web Site, Craigslist, online forum, blog, or anywhere else your buyers might be looking for your product!
  • (Coming soon!) With our Instant-insertion feature, your media can be instantly inserted into your listing based what you name your file when you upload it.

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Predictable, Affordable Pricing

Most alternatives to eCommercePlayer charge a per-video or per-audio price, as well as a maximum number of plays before charging you even more. They also have limits on the length of your clips, and the number or total size of the clips that they will host for you. In the spirit of eCommercePlayer's intention to remain a community service for eBay sellers, our basic service is 100% FREE. And for a very affordable price, you can get unlimited use of our service, with no extra fees and no limits on usage (subject to our Terms of Service Agreement).

Basic Membership


  • Free trial for as long as you like.
  • Full use of all features.
  • Storage limit of 5 media clips.

Monthly Subscription


paid monthly
  • Done with your trial? Subscribe!
  • Same features, no restrictions.
  • Free for first month.

Yearly Subscription


$93.24 paid yearly
  • Same features, better price.
  • Save $120 per year!
  • Free for first two months.